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Privacy Protection Policy

Privacy Protection Policy of Toyota Tsusho Material Incorporated

At Toyota Tsusho Material Incorporated (hereafter referred to as "the Company"), we feel that it is our social responsibility to appropriately handle and securely manage the information that is provided to us by our customers. Moreover, it is our belief that this concept forms the basis for establishing a trustworthy relationship with customers.
In order to protect the privacy of personal information provided by our customers, the Company adheres to all laws and regulations related to personal privacy protection, including the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, as well as guidelines stipulated by the competent minister. At the same time, the Company has established the following basic policies for protecting our customers' privacy. In this way, the Company is striving to appropriately handle and protect personal information.

1.Notification and disclosure regarding the appropriate acquisition and purpose of personal information

The Company shall, as far as possible, specify the purposes for which the personal information is to be used, and shall acquire such personal information (information relating to a living person, and by which an individual can be identified) by appropriate means. It shall either disclose the purpose of utilization of the personal information in advance or shall notify or disclose such use to the customer immediately after acquiring the information. However, when the information is acquired directly from the customer in writing or by another means, advance notice will be given (hereafter, all such measures will be described as "notification/disclosure").

2.Use of personal information

The Company shall only use personal information for the purpose or purposes notified or disclosed to the customer. However, this shall not be applied where permission has been obtained from the customer in advance, or where exceptions to this clause are stipulated under the law.

3.Provision of personal information to a third party

The Company shall not provide or disclose personal data (this refers to personal information that composes a personal information database etc., where such a personal information database is a collection of information including personal information, systematically organized such that it is easy to search for specific personal information, as prescribed by cabinet order) to a third party without the prior agreement of the customer. However, this does not apply where exceptions are stipulated under the law.

4.Management of personal information

The Company shall strive to maintain accurate and up-to-date information within the necessary range to achieve the purpose of utilization of the personal data being handled. Further, all necessary and appropriate measures will be taken to prevent the leak of, loss of, damage to or unlawful access to said personal information, including the monitoring of employees and sub-contractors to conduct appropriate management.

5.Inquiries relating to personal data retained

If the customer (in person, or through a representative) requests the Company to disclose, notify the purpose of utilization for, correct, or no longer use the personal data retained by the Company (excluding data for which the Company has the right to disclose or correct the information etc., and for which the existence or non-existence, if disclosed, would prejudice public interest or other interest, as stipulated by cabinet order, or information that must be deleted within 6 months), based on legal requirement, will verify that said request is from the customer in person (or a representative) and will then act in accordance with the customer's request.


The Company shall, with regard to the personal information it retains, respond rapidly and appropriately to any complaint from the customer in person, and strives to provide a system within the Company to deal with such complaints.

April 1 2005

Notice relating to disclosure in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information

Toyota Tsusho Material Incorporated (hereafter referred to as "the Company") shall act in accordance with the prescriptions of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, and hereby discloses the following to its customers. Please read the following (all terms are as used in the Company's Privacy Protection Policy).

1.Purposes of use of personal information handled by the Company

The personal information of customers shall be used for the following purposes relating to the business of the Company holding the customer's personal information as specified below.

  1. To conduct all communications relating to business
  2. To execute all contractual obligations, such as the provision of products and services
  3. To provide information about or provide any products and services handled by the Company
  4. To provide information about any seminars, exhibitions etc. conducted by the Company
  5. To conduct any type of survey, such as questionnaires etc.
  6. To respond to any inquiry or request etc. from the customer
  7. Additionally, to fulfill any individual purpose for which the use has been separately notified

Business of the Company holding the customer's personal information

2.Name of the Company handling personal information

Toyota Tsusho Material Incorporated

3.Procedure for requesting disclosure, notification of purpose of utilization, corrections, cessation of use etc.

After reading the following precautions, please contact us by using the Inquiries.

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Please use the inquiries form below when contacting us.


  • Verification of identity
    Based on legal requirement, the Company will verify that the request is from the customer in person (or a representative) before responding to the customer's request.
  • Company response to requests
    In principle, the Company will send a written response by post to the person making the request (or to the representative, where applicable).
  • If a response is not possible
    Please note that the Company may not be able to make a response in the following circumstances:
    a) If the identity of the person (or representative) making the request cannot be verified
    b) If the authorization of the representative cannot be verified (when a request is made through a representative)
    c) If a response cannot be made under the law
  • If the Company does not hold the personal information to which a request is directed
    If the Company does not possess the relevant personal information, a response will be made to that

April 1 2005