Toyota Tsusho Material Incorporated Toyota Tsusho Material Incorporated

Connecting “Materials” to
build a Circulating Society



Connecting Resource, Information, and People, Toyota Tsusho Material Inc.
keeps on advancing "ahead of the times".

Toyota Tsusho Material Inc. drives not only resources represented by metals, but also various materials.
We are, as a trading company, committed to design optimal ecosystem by connecting various “materials” such as resource, information and people.
We create new businesses ahead of the trend of the times by sensibly responding to new issues and signs of changes all over the globe.
With such a pioneering spirit as our “motor”, we lead Circulating Society.

Connecting Resource, Information, and People, Toyota Tsusho Material Inc.  keeps on advancing ahead of the times.


Interpreting Toyota Tsusho Material Inc.
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Toyota Tsusho Group has been operating recycling businesses since the 1970s. Succeeding to such a commitment, Toyota Tsusho Material Inc. has been committed to attainment of Recycling Society. The networks we have built over years and knowhow to connect the “Arteries” and “Veins” of materials are our strengths no other companies have. We lead the times of SDGs through our commitment to build up social infrastructures.

For attainment of Recycling Society, we value 2 “I”s, i.e., “AI (Love)” and “Eye (Perspective)”. We are addressing the Toyota Tsusho Group launched mission “Hand a better global environment to future children”, as well as creation of new businesses by observing the markets from a wider perspective. We will keep advancing our endeavors, looking at the future in the way only we can.

As electric motorization advances, the needs for materials used in vehicles are also drastically changing. Of all such materials, lithium and rare earth used for batteries and electric motors are the most needed. Toyota Tsusho Material is committed to stable supply of these materials, and devoted to effective use of resources by building up systems to recycle lithium-ion batteries.

Devising plans to connect “Arteries” and “Veins” and responding to electric motorization are efforts to contribute to the shift to Decarbonized Society. We are, as a company dealing with resource environment, committed to CO2 emission reduction in various ways. We are committed not only to “reduce” CO2 emission, but also to attain “zero” CO2 emission in the future. We keep on advancing, looking at the world coming next to carbon society.