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Resources Trading Business


Resources Trading Business

We contribute to development of environmental technologies through stable and optimal supply of advanced materials.

We support stable and optimal supply of lithium and rare earth used for environmental technology development of batteries and electric motors in electric vehicles (EV), medical fields, new energies, general consumer goods.

Lithium and rare earth dealt with in the field of Resources Trading are materials essential to manufacturing of next-generation products represented by electric vehicles (EV). Toyota Tsusho Material Inc. assures stable supply of such materials by development of Toyota Tsusho Group invested/developed manufacturing sites and acquisition of such materials from our independently developed suppliers.
As application of advanced materials keeps expanding to glass, ceramics, building materials, and medical fields, Resources Trading is a business demanded by a wide range of customers in Japan, as well as in China, Korea, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Because Resource Trading Business involves efficient use of limited resources, we actively address recycling activities.

Resources Trading Business
Resources Trading Business Resources Trading Business