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※GUMMETAL®is a registered trademark of the Toyota Tsusho material Inc.

We coordinate the whole process relating to the multi-functional new alloy ,『GUMMETAL®』,from the development of applications through the merchandizing.

GUMMETAL is a new titanium alloy developed by Toyota Central R&D Labs, a Toyota think tank, and displays the properties of rubber.

Combining pliability and flexibility with high strength robustness. Whatever strain is applied, GUMMETAL does not become hard, and possesses unlimited pressability.

GUMMETAL is far less prone to rust than conventional titanium alloys, lighter and infinitely more people- and environment-friendly. It has a limitless number of possible applications, such as automotive springs, sports goods (golf clubs etc.), medical devices (such as artificial bones), watch cases etc.

Toyota Tsusho Material has been licensed by Toyota Central R&D Labs and granted the exclusive right to manufacture and sell GUMMETAL. We coordinate the total GUMMETAL process, from materials procurement through to the finished product, and from the development of new applications through to merchandizing.


  • ・Ultra-low Young's modulus equivalent to that of magnesium,combined with high
  • ・Superelastic properties(elastic strain limit 〜2.5%)
  • ・Non-linear elastic deformation behavior without hysteresis.
  • ・Elinvar and invar characteristics across a wide temperature range.
  • ・99.9% or more cold working possible, with no work hardening at all even when carrying out torsion processing at room temperature

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